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--- Quote from: redwings8831 on September 29, 2013, 06:01:40 PM ---Looking at a slight delay for those in the Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, Memphis, Nashville, Tampa Bay, New York City, Albany, Burlington and Hartford metro areas. Jets/Titans game still has 7 minutes left in it.

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60 minutes started at 7:16 for these markets.

The Live Streams are on time...

CBS just alerted that NFL could delay TAR this week...

The retitled shows the CBS doubleheader, and that the entire country, except for most of Arizona, will be getting the Dallas v. Denver game. (There was a second game that would have been part of the late doubleheader (San Diego v. Oakland) but because of the scheduling for the Major League Baseball playoffs involving the Oakland stadium being in use on Saturday night, the NFL game had to be change to a PDT primetime game on NFL network.

I doubt, though, that folks in Arizona will have a delay since they will be on the CBS west coast feed.

I am monitoring email and CBS for any Eye-lert information for tonight's overrun. Looks to be a start time of around 45 after the hour


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