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"APSKIP" --TAR Detective remembered

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I'm absolutely shocked and stunned. In my time here, he was always among the best contributors around here. His passing will leave a huge hole in RFF.

My deepest condolences go out to Apskip's family.

Rest in peace, Arthur.

As Plaidmoon, I'm shocked and stunned. His contibutions were always (were, I can't believe I'm saying "were" and not "are") so valuable. His departure leave us with a big hole to fill, not only for the detective, but principally for the person.
I've always thought of the RFF as a big family, and last monday we lost one of his members. So, RIP Mr. Arthur E. "Apskip" Perkins Jr.; your other family will miss you a lot.   :(

Condolences to apskip/Arthur's family. His contributions to RFF, with his articulation and accurate analyses, as well as to everything he has done have been and will be appreciated. Outstanding man. :)

My prayers to Arthur's family. You will be greatly missed Apskip ;(

My deepest sympathy for his family and friends. He was a great friend and a great detective and I will truly miss him.


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