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"APSKIP" --TAR Detective remembered

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RIP Apskip!

My thoughts are with your family & friends.

My first ever private messages on this forum from 2007 were back in TAR 11 when apskip visited Guam and I was trying to be helpful with info for that season but I just failed in so many levels.

RIP apskip! You were an essential part of this community and I'm very sad that you're gone. :(


And back to lurking. :)

i didn't know this sad news until i read the transportation thread  :ascared

Rest in peace Apskip  :(

Very sad that this happened, but it's nice to know we have a part of his wonderful legacy he left behind.

I knew when I first read his book that he definitely wrote it due to his analytical interest and since he used his real name in a pm with me long ago. He definitely has some great stuff he shared with us and I'm glad I was able to know him.

He also had strong beliefs on having information shared in the open, which shows to me his selfless nature for sure.

anyway, thanks for sharing some great moments with us, Arthur, and rest in peace. :)

After being almost missing for a month, searching through the entire RFF, I have just spotted this thread. I really had no news about apskip, so I did mot know what was MC's profile reason. Sooooo sad to understand everything.

I remember when I began in RFF I could see him as a mature man with the same illusion we have about tracing the steps of TAR filmings. He spoke with knowledge of what he said, always referencing facts and making us see every single option, how other things happened in the past to see how can they come back in the future. He really was the biggest fan or TAR out there, and it is always a huge reason to miss someone like him. Even though I had not much direct contact with him, I would always appreciate his posts and looked up to him. Rest In Peace.


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