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"APSKIP" --TAR Detective remembered

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 :'( :'( :'( :'( RIP Apskip!

Although I didn't accurately show it, he was secretly always one of my favorite RFF's ever since I started lurking way back during the run up to Season 13...

I always enjoyed his posts, even when some were correcting some errors I had made, or informing me on different facts and trivia about many of the locations. Even when it was something I had already known, I always loved that he took the time to tell me.

Though I'm not, nor will I be, academically trained in geography, I have a deep passion for the subject and I hope to one day be just as knowledgeable about it as he was... what a great man to even model at least part of one's life after...

Apskip, you will be sorely missed by ALL OF US at RFF, even if some of us were a little feisty with you at times (myself included...)


--- Quote from: Kandace on June 16, 2013, 05:16:06 PM ---Oh my gosh, rest in peace Apskip.

I also got correction PMs too, btw :lol:

--- End quote ---

I got them as well. :lol:

We all did. AND he was usually right. :lol:


Rest in Peace Apskip..    :pray:

I adore you very much for your ultimate skills that you contribute during your stay in RFF..

Thanks for becoming one of the judges on TAR Design Challenge who always gave me a bunch of inputs and critics about locations, flights and stuff...

You will be missed my dear friend..


Rest in peace, Apskip.

You will be missed. Warm hugs go out to family and friends.


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