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TAR7 Meredith and Gretchen in Easton, MD!


Kiwi Jay:
Thought I would share this video of Meredith, 76 and Gretchen, 73, the age defying Married Retirees from TAR7 @ a dog show with their dog, Maisy in Easton, MD :hearts:

They are right at the start on the course, and in an interview from 3:20 to around 5:50..

Still looking wonderful 7 years on! :wohoo:

Thanks for the update.  I really liked this team for some reason.

I love Meredith & Gretchen and I love labs, so this is fun! Thanks for sharing! :hrt:

Meredith & Gretchen <3 They name their dog after The Amazing Race. <3
Thank you for sharing. =)


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