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Weight loss


This was posted on another board, and I thought I would share.

According to SurvivorNews we have reports of significant weight loss on 4 players (so far), Deena reported 30 lb loss; Butch reported 31 lb loss, Heidi reported 23 lb loss (I've read that she came home at 86 pounds ) and she evidently lost some hair too (much like Elizabeth in S2) and headshot photos of Rob show a MUCH thinner face than his promo shot not long after returning.

With these reports and the fact that Snewser put them on his site, I've got all four down at least going to the jury and Heidi final 4 at /least/.

OH now that is good information, thanks for posting it.  


Glad you like it.  But Heidi come back at 86 pounds!!!!  I think I skipped 86 pounds.   :D ;D  I wonder if she gain most of it back or not.

I'd hope she did.  She can't have looked good at 86 pounds.  I can't imagine ever being 86 lbs, I'd don't even want to be that small, LOL.


WoW! 86lbs, my 5 year old weighs 40, I can't imagine an adult only being twice her size.  I have friends with 6 year olds that weigh 55lbs.  

On the other hand the weight loss spoilers worked well for us last season.



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