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TAR Vietnam 2--ReCaps are here!!

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Leg 9: Singapore

- Starting line: Changi Airport

- Route info: Go to Merlion park to find the next clue

- Route info: Go to Days Hotel in Zhongsan Park, they should make a room exactly the same as the shown room. After that, they will stay in the room and start to race next morning. (of course, they start the race in the same order they finish this task)

- Roadblock 1: Who want to be a pilot?
+ Perform a flight simulation

- Route info: Go to Food Republic, Vivo city, find a food stand, they should make a kind of cakes, 10 cakes per each member in 5 minutes

- Roadblock 2: Who love wind?
+ Go to iFly Singapore in Sentosa Island
+ They learn an indoor parachute performance.

Note: One persone can do both roadblocks. 

- Route info: Go to Clarke Quay
+ First task: Perform Reverse Bungee
+ Second task: After finish first task, they should try to thread 10 needles in 3 minutes. (However, if they fail the second task, they don't need to do the first task again, just wait some minutes and start again).

- Pit Stop: Gardens by the bay


1. Thu Hiền - Lm Anh
2. Tiến Đạt - Hari
3. Thy Dung - Đức Hưng
4. Linh Chi - Phc Vinh (Next leg, they will have no money)

I was actually a bit amused by Leg 8, so hopefully Leg 9 would be just as fun to watch.

Leg 10: Ct B - Hải Phng

- Starting point: Bến Bo, Ct B, Hải Phng

- Fast Forward: Head Shaving and Ball Heading
+ Go to Fast Forward site, find the scissors, hair razor by their own, then shave their head by theirselves
+ After shaving head, they go to the beach, try to heading the soccer ball 5 times without dropping the ball. Distance between them is no less than 3 meters.

- Route info: Find the clue under the sand
+ Go to Prince 2 Beach (Bi Hong Tử 2)
+ There are 60 sand castles. They must find the clue under them (or nearby area). If no clue, they must remake the castle before continuing.
(This one is the same as the second roadblock, Leg 1, TAR US 22 but there are only 60 castles. The clues are deeper under the sand but they can use the shovel)

- Route info:
+ Using kayak to go to Prince 1 Beach (Bi Hong tử 1)
+ There are five boats, each boat has a combination of three color boards. One member will fly up with Parachute-pulled canoe to see and remember all the combination in 90 seconds. The other member use the kayak to go to the destination and wait for their partner.
+ If they reassemble the correct combination, they receive the next clue
(Note: They can take note so no memory challenge at all)

- Route info:
+ Using kayak to go back to Prince 1 Beach
+ Swimming into the sea, try to climb up two floating platforms.
+ After each member stays in one platform, one member need to take three full-body photos of other member.
+ If finishing the task under 10 minutes, they receive next clue

- Roadblock: Who like to collect eggs
+ One member should climb up the mountain, collect all eggs and soda bottles (because of sponsor company lol) as required.

- Pit stop: Monkey Island (Again, no Detour)


1. Linh Chi - Phc Vinh (Use FF)
2. Thu Hiền - Lm Anh
3. Thy Dung - Đức Hưng
4. Tiến Đạt - Hari (Non-eliminated. Next leg they get 30 minutes penalty from the start of the leg)

Next leg: H Giang (The northernmost province in Vietnam)

Best Loser:
Wait, I just remembered that Linh Chi & Nhan Phc Vinh won the Express Pass in the first leg. I can't think of them skipping a task though. Did they ever say anything about it?


--- Quote from: Best Loser on September 28, 2013, 01:15:41 PM ---Wait, I just remembered that Linh Chi & Nhan Phc Vinh won the Express Pass in the first leg. I can't think of them skipping a task though. Did they ever say anything about it?

--- End quote ---

They have not use it yet but they might use it next leg. Next leg is the last chance for them to use the Express Pass.


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