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I will try to make English sub when I have time.

Leg 4: Nha Trang, Khnh Ha

- Route info: find a restaurant in Amiana resort and count number of complete dinnerware sets in only 1 minutes.

- Route info: Go by taxi to the harbor of Long Phu tourist area to find next clue

- Roadblock: Treasure under the sea
+ Dive into marked area and find the clue

- Route info: Go to Hon Leo harbor in Dao Khi (Monkey Island) to find next clue

- Detour: Fish or Bird (in Dao Hoa Lan - Orchid Island)
+ Fish: Catch one crocodile, go along the required path and bring it to a man to receive the next clue
+ Bird: Ride on ostriches, go around the area 2 times, each member holds one cup of water. After finishing, if the water level is higher than marked line, they will receive the next clue.

- Route info: Catch a ball
+ One member ride a zip line and throw a basketball, other member hold a bin and catch that ball

- Route info: Go to Sheraton Hotel, Nha Trang and find a receptionist at the front desk to receive next clue.

- Route info: Go to kitchen at 6th floor and make fresh noodles to receive next clue

- Route info: Find a bar, eat a big cake without using hands to find a hidden elevator key. This elevator key is used to go to 30th floor.

- Pitstop: 30th floor of Sheraton Hotel

1. Linh Chi - Phc Vinh
2. Tiến Đạt - Hari
3. Đức Hưng - Thy Dung
4. Thanh Hoa - Anh Tuấn
5. Linh Sơn - Đức Mạnh
6. Thu Hiền - Lm Anh
7. Pha L - Việt Dũng (Non-eliminated, next leg they will have no money)

There are 12 episodes. We have 9 teams so we should have 5 NEL or KOR legs. Up to now 2 legs were NEL.

Leg 5: Dak Lak - Dak Nong

- Starting line: Sheraton hotel, Nha Trang

- Route info: Go to Buon Don, Buon Me Thuot by highway bus and then taxi. Find the clue in the marked old house - The house of legendary Ama kong.(They have 1.3M VND, Pha Le - Viet Dung team has no money)

- Route info: Ask the locals for staying over night. (I'm confusing about this task, all teams stays overnight together but next morning they go in order and I'm not sure the time gap between teams, maybe the same as they start from Sheraton Hotel or Highway Bus.)

- Route info: Hear and guess
+ Go to Suspension bridge center, Teams will hear sound of a gong and they must guess which gong was hitted, go to find and bring it back in 5 minutes.

- Detour: Tree and soil
+ Tree: Count the number of coffea trees in marked area and solve a math problem.
Math problem: Each tree produces 30kg raw coffee seeds. 1kg raw coffee seeds after drying gives 65% dried coffee seeds. 1kg dried coffee seeds can produce 73% processed coffee seeds (I don't know what is c ph nhn). Roasting and milling 1kg processed coffee seeds to have 81% coffee powder. Question is: with counted number of coffea trees, how many kg of raw coffee seeds, dried coffee seeds, processed coffee seeds and coffee powder are produced?
+ Soil: Bring 250 unburned bricks using old cart through a road with many obstacles

- Route info: Find the way to Dray Nur waterfall (or Wife Watefall) to receive next clue

- Roadblock: Who want to climb a waterfall
+ One member swim to the Dray Nur Waterfall, then climb a rope ladder to the top of the waterfall

- Route info: Open the treasure. Go to Dray Sap Waterfall (or Husband Waterfall). One member climbs down the waterfall to find out 4 numbers. Other member uses these 4 numbers to find out a code to open a safe.

- Pitstop: Nha Dai (Long House) near Dray Sap.

1. Thuy Dung - Duc Hung
2. Lam Anh - Thu Hien
3. Tien Dat - Hari
4. Phuc Vinh - Linh Chi
5. Thanh Hoa - Anh Tuan
6. Linh Son - Doan Manh
7. Pha Le - Viet Dung (Can not finish Roadblock, eliminated out of Pitstop) 

Leg 6: Quảng Nam - Đ Nẵng

- Route info: Move from Dak Lak to Da Nang then go to My Son Ruin - Quang Nam by taxi to find the next clue.
- Route info: Finding Clay toys
+ Each team needs to find 5 clay toys around the ruin. There are fake and real ones. The real toys can use as a horn.
+ Members of each team can not talk to each others.

- Route info: Find a village in the distance of 10 km from Nam Phuoc Town, Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam. This village's famous local product is related to sleeping. (Duy Vinh village, Duy Phuoc, Quang Nam - Local production: Sedge mat)

- Route info: Bring 3 big packages of sedge using an old small bicycle to a woman's house to receive the next clue. (They need to get the number. I don't know what it's for but maybe the bicycle)

After this task: No clue as they said, all teams go back to Da Nang city, rest and start to race next morning.
Mid-leg position
1. Lm Anh - Thu Hiền
2. Tiến Đạt - Hari
3. Thanh Hoa - Anh Tuấn
4. Linh Chi - Phc Vinh
5. Linh Sơn - Đon Mạnh
6. Thy Dung - Đức Hưng

- Roadblock: Who want to find a needle in an ocean (a hay)
+ Go to Da Nang Diving Club.
+ One member will swim and dive in the big pool. He will try to open some boxes at the bottom of the pool with a bunch of keys. If there is a soda bottle (sponcer's product lol) in the box, they find a correct box. They have 1 minute and 30 seconds to do this task.
+ After finding out the bottle, they need to throw it into a basket up in the air. They have 1 minute to do this task.
+ This road block is in order. So if they fail to do the task, they might wait in line for other teams.

- Route info: Go to cable car station in Ba Na Hill to find the next clue.

- Detour: High tower or Deep cellar
+ High tower: Go by cable car to the highest tower in Ba Na Hill. They must climb the stairway to obtain 5 boards. The sum of numbers in the boards must be 20.000. Each time they get a board, they must bring it down then go again.
+ Deep cellar: Go by cable car to one of the biggest wine cellar in Da Nang. Find a wine bottle with small TAR sticker.

In both task, one leg of each member of a team will tie to one leg of the other (to make them difficult to move).

- Pit stop: Tien Son Stadium

1. Linh Chi - Phc Vinh
2. Tiến Đạt - Hari
3. Thu Hiền - Lm Anh
4. Linh Sơn - Đon Mạnh
5. Thy Dung - Đức Hưng (they came in second place but got 15 minutes penalty for receiving local people's help in sedge mat task)
6. Thanh Hoa - Anh Tuấn (eliminated)


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