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TAR Vietnam 2--ReCaps are here!!

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OMG. Clash with TAR23? <3


--- Quote from: David on May 29, 2013, 06:39:17 PM ---OMG. Clash with TAR23? <3

--- End quote ---
or even TARAus 3 :lol3:

It appears that TAR Vietnam 2 started filming today:

Kim Lee ‏@OfficialKimlee 6h
Day one shooting Amazing Race in Saigon. Was soooo hot 😥

Since the race has started, I can reveal that Kim Lee was the source of the information I had about TAR Vietnam 2. She's been tweeting for the last week or 10 days that she was going to be involved with TAR Vietnam 2 in some way, probably as a contestant. While it was apparently OK with the producers that she was tweeting (since she is still on the show) and is now tweeting during the race, I didn't want to take any chances of getting her removed by publicizing it in advance.

Her Twitter account lists her as appearing in "HANGOVER 2 , MAXIM & FHM COVER GIRL. #1 2011 FHM SEXIEST WOMAN OF THE WORLD" and available for DJ gigs. Her web page appears to have been moved into a holding pattern from I saw a week or so back.

Were TAR VietNam contestants allowed to tweet during the race? If not, she may be production.  Good find, PM!

Maybe she is with production, but I figured a model was more likely to be a contestant. Production seems more likely if she is tweeting. Maybe she's a replacement host?

Anyway, she has made several tweets today about going to a modeling photo shoot in Saigon. I can't imagine that they would let her out to do that if she's racing. There's nothing about filming TAR Vietnam today, so I guess it's an off day.

I'm finding her Twitter feed and the events she is listing very strange. I'm hoping she will put up a picture of a clue box or something unquestionably TAR soon.


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