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I can't believe how bad the editing is. This show is getting worse and worse (:;) (:;) (:;)

Leg 1: Ho Chi Minh City

- Starting line: Dinh Thống Nhất (Reunification Palace)

- Route info: Find three Vietnamese traditional hats (Nn L) with phrase: Cuộc đua (Race) + Kỳ Th (Amazing) + 2013

- Route info: Find the building in the pictures, climb to 49th floor by foot (no elevator use) to find the next clue. (Bitexco Building)

- Route info: Go to BHD cinema in 3rd floors to find the next clue

- Roadblock: Who love to watch a movie? Find a clue under the seat in the cinema (with many people sit there to watch a movie)

- Route info: Go to food court, each person eats 3 bowls of noodle with different sizes (Small, medium, big).

- Detour: Street or Stage
+ Street: Find a candy selling bicycle, sell to earn 500K VND to find a next clue
+ Stage: There are five boxes with ices, rats, worm... You need to stay in each box and sing a full song.

- Pitstop: Ho Chi Minh Opera House (Nh ht lớn)

1. Vinh - Chi
2. DJ
3. Sơn - Mạnh (5 minutes penalty, no affect to their position)
4. Đạt - Hari
5. Hoa - Tuấn
6. Hiền - Lm Anh (15 minutes penalty, from 4th place to 6th place)
7. Dung - Hng
8. Pha L - Dũng
9. Thạch - Phong (non eliminated, must be 1st next leg to avoid penalty)



--- Quote from: anhgau2007 on July 26, 2013, 08:44:25 AM ---I can't believe how bad the editing is. This show is getting worse and worse (:;) (:;) (:;)

--- End quote ---

Yes, edit is too bad and also the rule is so confusing.

How can Linh Sơn and Mạnh only get 5 minutes penalty? They must back to BHD cinema to get the clue.

Leg 2: Ca mau province
- Route info: Go to Ca mau by highway bus and then go to a place built by France in 1910 to find a next clue. (Nh dy thp - Wire House - Old post office)

- Detour: Farming or Fishing
+ Farming: There is a mix of two kinds of beans. Seperate them and count each kind of beans.
+ Fishing: Catch 20 small local fishes (c ko) and cook them while moving

- Route info: Go to the village under Ong Tinh Bridge to find a next clue held by certain villagers.

- Route info: Repair a bicycle to receive your next clue.

- Route info: Use that repaired bicycle, then drive yourselves to the port near Nam Can monument to find a next clue

- Route info: Go by a kind of boat (vỏ li) to a fishing place (Đy đnh c) where you have find 5 minutes to find your next clue. If you fail, you need to come back and wait in line for the next try.

- Route info: Go by canoe to Dat Mui (Đất Mũi) to find next clue

- Roadblock: Who often wears scarfs? Put a big python on your neck and then bring it to a man who is standing in a high observation place nearby to receive your next clue.

- Pitstop: Walk yourselves to the pitstop along the marked path - Southernmost point of Vietnam.

1. Tiến Đạt - Hari
2. Linh Chi - Phc Vinh
3. Thu Hiền - Lm Anh
4. Linh Sơn - Tiến Mạnh
5. Kim Lee - DJ Phương
6. Pha L - Việt Dũng
7. Thy Dung - Đức Hưng (15 minutes penalty for marking on the ground while counting beans, no affect to their place)
8. Thanh Hoa - Anh Tuấn
9. Sơn Thạch - Hng Phong (30 minutes penalty for last place in last leg and no coming in the first place in this leg, down from 8th place to last place) (Eliminated)

Leg 3: Đồng Nai - Bnh Thuận
- Route info: From Ca mau, go back to TP. Ho Chi Minh, then go to Bien Hoa highway bus station, find a marked bike taxi driver to receive next clue

- Route info: Go to Dong Nai Milk Factory to find next clue

- Detour: Grass or Milk
+ Grass: Cut 20 kg of grass each person, pack and bring to cowshed and feed a cow all the grass.
+ Milk: Go to cowshed, choose one cow and need to milking 2 litres of cow milk

- Route info: Go by taxi to Romana Resort, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet to find next clue

- Route info: Blindfolded and hit claypots
+ One member is blindfolded and need to hit claypots and balloons. The other member can guide his partner but can not talk or make any sound by mouth.
+ If you fail, you need to wait 15 minutes to retry

- Route info: Go to Mui Yen, Phan Thiet, follow the mark path and find a man in orange to receive next clue.

- Roadblock: Who want to fly?
+ One member will paraglide into the beach, then climb back

- Route info: Go to Huynh Thuc Khoang Str. - Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str. area and then exchange one 1 mil. VND bill into smaller bills and coins:
+ 200.000 VND into various coins
+ 50.000 VND into 500 VND bills
+ 200.000 VND into 1.000 VND bills
+ 200.000 VND into 2.000 VND bills
+ 200.000 VND into 5.000 VND bills
+ 150.000 VND into 10.000 VND bills

- Pitstop: Bai Sau, Mui Ne

1. Thu Hiền - Lm Anh
2. Linh Chi - Phc Vinh
3. Tiến Đạt - Hari
4. Thanh Hoa - Anh Tuấn
5. Thy Dung - Đức Hưng
6. Pha L - Việt Dũng
7. Linh Sơn - Đức Mạnh
8. Kim Lee - DJ Phương (Eliminated)


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