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TAR Vietnam 2--ReCaps are here!!

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I can't believe they got penalties for what their taxi drivers did...

Quoc Nghia:
The host said that if the Red team stopped and changed motobike when the riders broke the traffic laws, they wouldn't be got penalty. Traffic in Vietnam is chaostic and this show was aired in national TV. Social media will go crazy if the Red didn't get the penalty.

Finally, thanks to moto-riders.  :funny: And bye bye Nhan Phúc Vinh. He's Jonnathan (TAR6) of VN. I liked him when the race started because i watched a lot of his dramas but now I can't stand him.

Here's a KMZ of this race's course.

The Amazing Race Vietnam – Cuộc đua kỳ thú 2013

Quốc Nghĩa:
Thanks GB for doing a great job.  :hrt: Hoping to see you and para next season. :D

Yeah thanks for the recaps guys! :D


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