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Team Kim Lee & Pharreal (DJ/DJ) (F/M)

Team PhaLe & VietDung (Singer/Actor) (F/M)

Team TienDat&Esther (Rapper/His girlfriend) (M/F)

Team S.T&C-Tut (Singer/cascadeur) (M/M)

Team ThuyDung&DucHung (TennisQueen/ Her friend) (F/M)

Team ThanhHoa&AnhTuan (Model) (F/M)

Team LinhSon&DoanManh (Actor/His partner) (M/M)

Team PhucVinh&LinhChi (Actor/His partner) (M/F)

Team ThuHien&LamAnh (Model) (F/F) (Only one team F/F)

MC HuyKhanh (Actor)

All team and winner of season 1 team Baiggo&ThanhPhuc
The Amazing Race Vietnam 2 starting July 26th on VTV3

Wow... lots of mactors. :lol:

 The Amazing Race Vietnam Season 2: Celebrity Edition  :conf:  :conf:  :conf:  :conf:  :conf:  :conf:  :conf:

Celebrities and their loved ones, TARV Blood vs Water eh? I have never heard of any of them, and Huy Khanh is as bad as Dustin Nguyen in hosting.  (:;) (:;) (:;)

Quoc Nghia:
To many robotic actors, voiceless singers want the fame.  blahblah

The Amazing Race Vietnam 2: Floating celebrity edition. (Sorry about my English  :lol3:) Hope some couples have villain edit.

But I think Huy Khanh is not bad. I really like what he performed on Vietnam Idol.  :conf:


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