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BB15 Live Feed Updates Wednesday 6/26/13

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This thread will be for the LIVE FEED UPDATES only.   :conf:

Once Big Brother airs I will post the happenings of the week (Who's HOH, POV and who's on slop etc..)  before the camera's went live  right here  :hoot:

We will have a seperate thread for the Discussion of the Live Feed updates

So a BIG WELCOME  :ghug: to all of our updaters, readers and friends here at RFF! :hithere:

The threads here will be locked until the feeds are live :tup:

16 HouseGuests, 90 Days

Mcrae wins the first HOH "Popsicle Factory"

Jeremy won a A Never NOT pass ** No have not bed, no cold showers, no slop for his entire stay in the game

HG's are told about the MVP

MVP's will make their decision right before the POV comp each week

We are live....

Lot's off chatter right now.

Girls' playing make-up party in the bathroom...

Complaining about how some of their make-up got taken.

Talking about tannining... in HOH


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