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The Weather on TAR

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Does anyone else like it when there's weather while teams are racing? I love it when there's any kind of precipitation or even strong, visible winds to affect the teams.

It was so neat when it started POURING in Cai Be, Vietnam in TAR3

I really loved the sudden rainstorm that hit Burkina Faso in TAR12.

It was neat seeing it rain so much that Ho Chi Minh was flooded in TAR15

Are there any other extreme cases of weather you guys can think of?

Wasn't a hurricane going to hit Miami after the TAR18 finale, whipping up strong winds.

Thunderstorm in Alabama and Mississippi was cool in E4 of the family edition.

I like it!

I remember it rained on Season 16, Leg 2. It was epic when they jumped with that condor costume and you could see lightning at the same time.


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