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Most overrated/underrated teams ever?

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Here you can lament why or why  not a team is as popular as is. For me, it goes like this.

Season 14
Overrated: Kisha and Jen (at the time)
Underrated: Christie and Jodi, Amanda and Kris

Season 15
Overrated:  Errrrr, well, none really. Although I was slightly surprised that there were many Brian and Ericka had as big of a fanbase.
Underrated: Flight Time and Big Easy (on site)

Season 16
Overrated: Steve and Allie, Carol and Brandy (eww)
Underrated: Jet and Cord (on site)

Season 17
Overrated: Gary and Mallory
Underrated: Jill and Thomas (just the wrong season for them, they might have been the Max and Katie if Brooke and Claire and Nat and Kat weren't casted at the time.)

Unfinished Buisiness -_-
Overrated: Gary and Mallory (more than ever :res: ), Ron and Christina
Underrated: None

Season 19
Overrated: Bill and Cathi, Amani and Marcus, Ernie and Cindy (in some cases)
Underrated: Jeremy and Sandy, Andy and Tommy (on site, everyone I personally knew loved them), Laurence and Zac (also underrated on site)

Season 20
Overrated: Vanessa and Ralph (trust me, if it was Nary and Jamie or even Joey "Fitness" and Danny instead of Vanessa, she would be  half as popular)
Underrated: Joey "Fitness" and Danny had plenty of haters, but I wouldn't classify them as underrated. Same with Brendon and Rachel.

Season 21
Overrated: Nadiya  and Natalie (on site)
Underrated: No one, to be honest.

Season 22
Overrated: Pam and Winnie (I sort of, and that's a big SORT OF, like them, but they were still overrated), Joey and Megan (on site, cause my friends and even my family believe they were flat out annoying), Mona and Beth (in some cases)
Underrated: Bates and Anthony, Caroline and Jennifer (in some cases)

Well, that's just me. Feel free to put you own.

Rebecca is dangerously underrated. She is an absolute goddess <333333333333

Overrated: Flo
Underrated: Zach


--- Quote from: Bwils927 on May 24, 2013, 10:58:44 PM ---Overrated: Flo
Underrated: Zach

--- End quote ---

Underrated Racers:
Rebecca Cardon, Zach, Jill (of JVJ), Tian(S4), Eric Sanchez, Freddy(S6), Gary (S17 & UB), Aaron (S6), Millie Mole.

Underrated Teams:
MoJo (very,very underrated), Meredith & Gretchen, Ken & Tina, Debbie & Bianca, Nate & Jenn, Fitness & Danny, Brandon & Nicole.

Overrated Teams:
Jet & Cord, Flight Time & Big Easy, Nat & Kat, Maria & Tiffany, Steve & Allie, Jaime & Cara.


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