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Final Adventure - TAR South Korean Style


I ran across this press release about a new show being produced right now in South Korea that sounds very similar to TAR:

MBC to bring viewers their take on ‘The Amazing Race’ through new variety ‘Final Adventure’

by santilaudia on May 21, 2013

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Subject: MBC to bring viewers their take on ‘The Amazing Race’ through new variety ‘Final Adventure’

If you watch the American TV show ‘The Amazing Race‘, you might also enjoy MBC‘s upcoming survival variety show, ‘Final Adventure‘!

The show will feature 14 guests from the entertainment and sports fields who split up into teams of two and compete in the survival program. The first destination of the show will be Thailand, and the participants will be Jo Sung Mo, Tony An, ZE:A‘s Heecheol, actor Ryu Tae Joon, Hwang In Young, Lee Bon, Jung Ga Ram, Julien Kang, model Han Ye Jin, Ryu Suhl Mi, soccer coach Ryu Sang Chul, wrestling coach Shim Kwon Ho, synchronized swimming coach Jang Yoon Kyung, and Kim Joo Kyung. MC Kim Sung Joo will host the show.

A representative revealed, “The viewer ratings are an aspect that the staff cannot predict. Although there are several unfamiliar guests, we will give an entertaining show through its solid quality. It will be similar to the American program ‘The Amazing Race’.”

‘Final Adventure’ will premiere following ‘Dancing With the Stars 3‘ on June 14th!

And here's the first sighting!

Grace Bridget ‏@gracebridgett 4h
Catch me in the Amazing Race Korea! Was on set today
11:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time - 20 May 13

From her tweets, it appears that Grace is vacationing on Phi Phi Island in Thailand.

Filming today. on the air in 25 days. MBC runs a lean, mean production machine.

 :o :o :o

Apparently the first episode of Final Adventure has aired, but not with good ratings.

'Final Adventure', the Korean spin-off of 'The Amazing Race', starts off with poor ratings

MBC's new variety show, 'Final Adventure', which was hyped as the Korean spin-off of the popular American show 'The Amazing Race', unfortunately fell quite short in the ratings department with its premiere.

 Despite the star studded cast  of Jo Sung Mo, Tony An, ZE:A's Heecheol, Julien Kang, and more, the show recorded a poor rating of 3.3%. However, the upside of kicking off with a low rating is that there's much room for growth and improvement, so hopefully the numbers will go up with the following weeks.

 Meanwhile, its competition, SBS' 'Laws of the Jungle' once again reigned as king coming at 14.7%, while KBS 2TV's 'Couple Clinic-Love and War 2' achieved a 9.0% viewer rating.


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