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Not really TAR 23, but an incredible 5 part video interview with BVM and Elise....many many TAR insights!

A do not miss experience, especially to hear what they say about RFF! :lol:,15690.msg880828.html#msg880828

I found another Iquique newspaper article about TAR 23 racing yesterday in Iquique at It has two pictures, one similar to the pit stop picture from yesterday (it even has the Afghanimals). The other just looks like a shot after a pit stop arrival with 2 teams and several production people milling about while Phil and the greeter wait at the mat. This newspaper posts it's pages as a jpg file, so I can't cut and paste and translate the article. Anyone with a knowledge of Spanish that can translate it for us, please do so. It will be appreciated and much better than I could do. I made the image very large so that hopefully the text will be readable and the pictures large enough to show more details. Sorry about the scroll bars.

Reilly Queens:
This is what I got from using OCR(Character recognition from an image) and then had a rough google translation

Shoot scenes in Iquique
g This is the fifth time the show No one visits the country. Episodes are from season 23
• Eleazar Salinas Granados esolinasg @ estrellaiquiqued One of the most rec-nocidos realities of the United States and abroad,-The Amazing Race ", reached the city-ity to record an episode of the season 23. At Iquique, the Divide -pants were rec-rriendo Plaza Prat (meeting place of the contestants with the program director, Phil Keoghan and national model.) Centenario Market, the Park Ban-deras, among other sites. A city came eight couples who had to overcome various clues in order to take flight to another destination, which was not revealed by the pmducción, having a confidentiality agreement even between-gar also declined over the amount of data people in the production or the contestants. course, at least 50 people were come-fil-sea for the moments of each of the partners comes up with a cameraman and a sonidi st to to capture each of the moments
this race in which recom-rren different countries.
I Amazing CHILE nuances' already visited with the country participating in the growing seasons 7, 11 and 16, which visited the Metropolitan Region (Santiago and the airport of that city-ness), the region Anto- spends (Calama, San Pedro de Atacama and Chuquicamata-mata), Los Lagos and Ma-Magallanes and Antarctica chi-lena (Puerto Montt, Uni-
versity of Los Lagos, Punta Arenas, Magallanes and Antarctica) and the region of Valparaiso and Los Lagos (Valparaiso, Viña del Mar and Puerto Varas, then go to Bariloche). In Santiago, one of the hosts was June-to the driver was known manner model Pamela Diaz, who was in the Cerro Santa Lucia, dressed in ro-pa Mapuche ca-da telling one of the participants who came " welcome to Chile ".

mercado centenario(I can't find Park Banderas but im sure someone else will)

Pope Ave:
A couple notes on the translation:

The secondary headline says, "This is the fifth time the show has visited the country. Episodes are from Season 23."

It says Plaza Prat is the pit stop (doesn't use those words...), and that other places were Centenario Market (Centennial) and Banderas Park.

Interesting that it says there were 8 pairs racing. Maybe they didn't wait around long enough to see them all? About 50 people in total, when you count up all the camera/sound and other crew members.

It says that the show came to Chile in seasons 7, 11, and 16 and states where they went those seasons.

In Santiago, a model named Pamela Diaz was at Cerro Santa Lucia to give a 'welcome to Chile' greeting. May have been when they first arrived, getting directions to travel to Iquique?

[first posting here. I hope I didn't break some rule by posting this in the wrong thread!!]


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