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Candice totally outshone Kree with her voice. And it looks like Candice is going to win. Which I find is a pity. Don't get me wrong, Candice can REALLY SING but if we're talking about the Idol factor... She probably won't be as marketable as Kree. Ah, it's a strange season for me...

Kree is winning American Idol.

Round 1: Kree
Round 2: Tie
Round 3: Candice

This will be another instance of Adam VS Kris. The more the judges want to push something down our throats, people will not budge.

Logically, Candice will win. But if even Angie can be voted off, you really never know.

My biased heart wants Kree to win. :lol3:

OMG! The winner of American Idol Season 12 is.......  :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

So happy for the winner!  :hrt:

CONGRATS TO CANDICE! :wohoo: So glad she won, especially after last night!

The finale was way too long. Too much filler. I think the best moment of the finale was Angie performing with Adam Lambert and Jessie J. The performance was amazing. :hrt:

The finale was boring this year.  I fast forward through most of it.  Candice is a beautiful woman with an incredible voice.  I am so happy she won even though I thought Angie was going to win this season.  Idol needs a complete makeover to move forward.  If not, cancel the show.  I truly believe the judges did not pick the best of the best.  So please give us better judges and better categories to sing.  :hearts:


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