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^ I agree. While I was happy that the undeserving people were voted out and we had an all-girl final 5, when I think back, I think only 3 of the 10 contestants were strong enough to be in the finals? Candice, Kree and Angie. Amber was good too as well but the rest... It just wasn't the finals standard.

I agree with you Ruth, when they had the final 10 come on stage, I realized that they were gone for good reason. They just weren't that good compared to the final four. I haven't missed a single one of them.   :)

Congrats Candice!!!

Congratulations, Candice! You deserved it! :wohoo:

This is actually the first time that the person I rooted for since the beginning won American Idol... :conf: :conf: :conf:

Anyway, this finale has the lowest rating in the history of American Idol, based on this: http://www.wetpaint.com/american-idol/articles/2013-05-16-ratings-hit-low-finale-performances :ascared


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