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ROUND 1: Simon Fuller's choice (Angel/Chasing Pavements)
Winner: Candice

ROUND 2: Winner's single (All Cried Out/I Am Beautiful)
Winner: Tie? I love both of these songs, and I would be happy with either single.

ROUND 3: Favourite performance (Up To The Mountain/I (Who Have Nothing))
Winner: Candice

Best Performance of the night: Candice - I (Who Have Nothing)
Worst Performance of the night: Kree - Angel

Person you want to win: Candice
Person who you think will win: Kree, because country music is always more popular than I think it is, lol.

ROUND 1: Simon Fuller's choice

Kree - Angel


Candice - Chasing Pavements


I thought the song choices were both pretty sleepy. After hearing Sarah Simmons (from The Voice) singing Angel, I thought Kree's version was really underwhelming. I liked Candice's lower register but I felt like she was just wanting to belt out a part of the song, and that never really happened.

ROUND 2: Winner's single

Kree - All Cried Out


Candice - I Am Beautiful


Kree's winner single is absolutely stunning. The song is clearly filled with emotion, and I loved the build-up in the song. I thought the middle half onwards was better than the first half though. I feel like this is a great representation of the type of music that she'd make. I really love the chorus.

I like Candice's song. Not as emotional, I guess, but her singing is incredible. I can picture her winning and singing this song with the confetti coming down at the chorus... Maybe I'm just being hopeful. :lol:

ROUND 3: Favourite performance

Kree - Up To The Mountain


Candice - I (Who Have Nothing)


I thought Kree's choice was interesting. I don't remember her singing it. I thought it was pretty good, but I felt like it was missing something. Not really sure what, but maybe comparing it to Candice, it's definitely missing something, lol.

Loved Candice's choice. I remember not really noticing Candice until she sang this song, and it was stunning. I thought it was just as amazing, if not better, this time. And she was able to belt!

A standing ovation from the judges for both Kree and Candice with their last songs. I believe Candice won AI with her last song, "I (Who Have Nothing)." It was simply beautiful, especially the opening singing it A cappella. Mesmerizing! She peaked at the exact moment she needed to do so.

I really had no favorite after Angie left last week. Kree sang her best but she didn't have the star performance like Candice. All three will have careers so I'm not upset. 


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