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--- Quote from: Jimmer25 on May 17, 2013, 08:37:45 AM ---Actually the detour was between the Bodybuilding Task that all teams chose to do and the Tintin task they did the next leg.

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I don't think so. It would seem to unbalanced if that was it.

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This IS correct. That is why they alll had to go out EARLY the next AM and do TinTin. Product placement!

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It IS puzzling though why they thought bodybuilding would be easier. :P

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Wait?!?! So the other side of that detour was the Tintin mural?

My wishlist, comments, and possible improvements! Far into the series's run, I actually like that each season has one or two Switchbacks as a nod from the earlier and earliest seasons.

Vietnam - Detour: Basket Boats/Basket Bikes [The bare bones of the tasks is already great, maybe a farther route?]
Russia - Roadblock: Caviar eating [As an improvement, maybe more caviar?]
Philippines - Detour (one side): Plow [Probably make it as a Route Info task since the Fowl detour is unknown]
Hungary - Roadblock: Spicy soup eating [Make it spicier!]
China - Roadblock: Lock and key [The task already have an amazing mechanic]
Argentina - Roadblock: Meat feast [Already a great endurance task. Maybe add veggies?]
Costa Rica - Roadblock: Red coffee bean search [Maybe they could make it just one big pile of coffee beans instead of separate ones]
Vietnam - Detour: Over/Under [This detour is all in the wind. The harder it is, the better this task would be.]
Argentina - Roadblock: Mail search [If it's not a returning seasons team, maybe letters from family and friends? Search through a larger mailbag, of course.]
Burkina Faso - Roadblock: Camel milking [I'd be more surprised if they could visit this country again.]
India - Roadblock: Festival of Colors [Change the way they have to search for a clue and make it more confusing for the teams.]
Russia - Roadblock: Run in underwear in the cold [Maybe as an added difficulty, they don't let the Roadblock performer wear clothes for the rest of the leg.]
The Netherlands - Detour: Farmer's Game/Farmer's Dance [Again, all in the wind. And cold. :)]
Czech Republic - Roadblock: Kafka telephones [This task already had a gradiose feel to it. Make the racers search for a full phrase instead of just 'FRANZ'.]
Las Vegas - Poker chip counting [One of the amazing shuffling tasks in the finale]
United Kingdom - Roadblock: Watermelon catapult [The looming danger of a watermelon face plant, how would teams react? :)]
Russia - Detour: Classical Music/Classic Cinema [An almost perfect detour, the judge just made it so wrong.]
China - Roadblock: Hong Kong fake food search [Another memorable needle-in-a-haystack task]
China - Roadblock: Dinosaur puzzle [The most amazing task of the season in my opinion, and the most shuffling occurred here too, I think.]


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United Kingdom - Roadblock: Watermelon catapult [The looming danger of a watermelon face plant, how would teams react? :)]

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We'll most likely see this in the future! :xmas110 It's as infamous as the 1st few switchbacks. :cmas16

Boring Dude:
Hello everyone.

What tasks from past TAR seasons do you think would make the best switchbacks for future seasons? If possible, try to think of tasks that would be exciting to see again, even though you already know how to get past the task.

Here are examples of what I mean from TAR 23:

The choir task in leg 6 would make a good switch back, as it was innately difficult; while the robot task in leg 11 would not, as we already know the solution, and anyone repeating it would know about the mistake Leo & Jamal made.

Feel free to discus.



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