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--- Quote from: Jimmer25 on May 17, 2013, 08:37:45 AM ---Actually the detour was between the Bodybuilding Task that all teams chose to do and the Tintin task they did the next leg.

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I don't think so. It would seem to unbalanced if that was it.

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This IS correct. That is why they alll had to go out EARLY the next AM and do TinTin. Product placement!

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It IS puzzling though why they thought bodybuilding would be easier. :P

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Wait?!?! So the other side of that detour was the Tintin mural?

My wishlist, comments, and possible improvements! Far into the series's run, I actually like that each season has one or two Switchbacks as a nod from the earlier and earliest seasons.

Vietnam - Detour: Basket Boats/Basket Bikes [The bare bones of the tasks is already great, maybe a farther route?]
Russia - Roadblock: Caviar eating [As an improvement, maybe more caviar?]
Philippines - Detour (one side): Plow [Probably make it as a Route Info task since the Fowl detour is unknown]
Hungary - Roadblock: Spicy soup eating [Make it spicier!]
China - Roadblock: Lock and key [The task already have an amazing mechanic]
Argentina - Roadblock: Meat feast [Already a great endurance task. Maybe add veggies?]
Costa Rica - Roadblock: Red coffee bean search [Maybe they could make it just one big pile of coffee beans instead of separate ones]
Vietnam - Detour: Over/Under [This detour is all in the wind. The harder it is, the better this task would be.]
Argentina - Roadblock: Mail search [If it's not a returning seasons team, maybe letters from family and friends? Search through a larger mailbag, of course.]
Burkina Faso - Roadblock: Camel milking [I'd be more surprised if they could visit this country again.]
India - Roadblock: Festival of Colors [Change the way they have to search for a clue and make it more confusing for the teams.]
Russia - Roadblock: Run in underwear in the cold [Maybe as an added difficulty, they don't let the Roadblock performer wear clothes for the rest of the leg.]
The Netherlands - Detour: Farmer's Game/Farmer's Dance [Again, all in the wind. And cold. :)]
Czech Republic - Roadblock: Kafka telephones [This task already had a gradiose feel to it. Make the racers search for a full phrase instead of just 'FRANZ'.]
Las Vegas - Poker chip counting [One of the amazing shuffling tasks in the finale]
United Kingdom - Roadblock: Watermelon catapult [The looming danger of a watermelon face plant, how would teams react? :)]
Russia - Detour: Classical Music/Classic Cinema [An almost perfect detour, the judge just made it so wrong.]
China - Roadblock: Hong Kong fake food search [Another memorable needle-in-a-haystack task]
China - Roadblock: Dinosaur puzzle [The most amazing task of the season in my opinion, and the most shuffling occurred here too, I think.]


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United Kingdom - Roadblock: Watermelon catapult [The looming danger of a watermelon face plant, how would teams react? :)]

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We'll most likely see this in the future! :xmas110 It's as infamous as the 1st few switchbacks. :cmas16


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