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So Season 22 featured 2 different switchbacks and it has become evident Switchbacks will continue to appear in future seasons but the question is what tasks would you like to see return as Switchbacks? For me I have three tasks I'd like to see return as Switchbacks firstly being the memorable meat-eating roadblock in Argentina, Secondly the memory challenge in Alaska and finally the memory challenge in Portland. What switchbacks would you like to see?

TAR3 count the money/run the numbers

TAR4 Roadblock where Jaree was the first woman ever to do it in India.

TAR5 caviar <33333

TAR6 key roadblock China <333333333

TAR9 plate smashing FF <3333333

- Season 6's Hungarian spicy soup
- Season 5's caviars
- Season 3's money detour
- The 'Plow' (MY OX IS BROKEN!) detour task
- All Stars' sausage detour task

TAR15 Farmer's Game/Farmer's Dance

TAR5 Caviar

TAR5 Lagen Wall Climb

TAR6 Spicy Soup

TAR6 Viking Rowing Boat (As an Intersection)

TAR6 Lock Challenge (As long as it's on a Non-elimination leg)

TAR7 Double-Decker Bus

TAR10 Flaming Arrow

I would love to see the Unused/Unaired Detour choice from TAR 19 Belgium.

It remains one of my biggest TAR questions ever.....


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