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This thread is for documented info and/or strong rumours for S28.
This is NOT a wishlist thread!

I have read that it's gonna be a newbie season. ;) Probably no returnees, but that's not yet for sure, as they have found around 10 people from the cast so far.

29 and 30 were supposed to film in Palau! But they might not anymore.

Shooting Survivor in Palau uncertain
Producers of the hit US television show Survivor might have to reconsider where they film the 2014 series after a disagreement with local government officials in the Pacific nation of Palau.

Palau's president wants the series, but the governor of Koror State says that closing Rock Islands beaches for up to four months for filming will affect tourism.

Local journalist Bernadette Carreon has told Pacific Beat negotiations between the producers and Koror State officials are not going well.

"The producer wanted to close several areas of the Rock Islands for exclusive filming and the governor of Koror State it appears he is not supportive of the filming because he says that it will not give Palau the worldwide exposure it needs," she said.

Ms Carreon says there are many beaches designated as tourist activity areas and the governor is concerned that closing them for filming for up to four months as requested by the producers will affect tourism.

She says the final decision on whether to allow producers to film rests with local authorities, not the president.

"The President of Palau is the one who's supportive of the project and has asked the Koror State governor if they need anything on the national level they would help them," she said.

"But it is the Koror State who is taking care of the Rock Islands, so they're the one that's going to make a decision whether they're going to close it or not."


Survivor is renewed for S29 and 30!!


--- Quote from: Leafsfan on December 12, 2013, 01:37:13 PM ---Survivor is renewed for S29 and 30!!

--- End quote ---

That was fast :lol:


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