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S 27: BLOOD vs WATER *Spoilers**

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I'm not counting much on spoilers now that Marissa is gone, this leaves a huge gap as to who returns into the game. I'm very amazed by Laura Boneham's survival skills too but she's getting so little edit (and Kat too) which leaves me to believe that the power of 5 on the returning players tribe will vote out either Kat or Laura Boneham next (most likely Kat).

And Kat has Hayden on the other side too, so that leaves a bigger target on her back.

This season is so weird. People like Rachel was voted off thanks to Tyson as her partner. This episode, Caleb nearly got voted off because he has no strings attached to the other side. So... this just proves you are never safe, whether or not your loved one is still with you in the game or not.

One thing for sure is Galang is finally losing next week. :(

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a question about this season. When the family visits come around, will the contestants who are left be visited by their family members (if they have already been voted off) or would they pick someone completely seperate to come to the visits?

If their family members who were voted out got to come back later in the season, I wonder if/how that would affect the game.

I'm sure if Hayden makes it far, Kat wouldn't be his family visit list... Maybe for Laura though. Good question and I guess we can only find out?

Just curious, if there's a "loved one" challenge like Caramoan, who goes? :lol:

 :funny: :funny: :funny: i find it quite funny that CBS have spoiled the entire 10th episode themselfs


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