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S 27: BLOOD vs WATER *Spoilers**

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No need for spoiler bars here.  :hoot: 

I have had the pleasure of meeting Rupert several times, and ....poor Rupert. Love his spirit. :'(

If Monica is indeed in the Final Three, that will be the greatest thing in a LONG time. <3333333333333333333333333333

I sure hope she wins though, despite what that says. :P

I'd also be pretty happy with Gervase winning. Not quite as amazingly stunning as Monica, but he's a likeable guy and I enjoyed him on Borneo.

Tyson, well, idk what to make of him. On HvV he seemed clueless, and I haven't seen Tocantins, so I'm still neutral to him at this point.

peach, I just wanted the spoiler tags to double protect careless people who stumble upon this thread by accident. :funny:;version=3&amp;rel=0
9 minutes of Tyson goodness for you racer, you'll love him. :funny: (off-topic though lol)

:lol3: That was quite hilarious! :lol:


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