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Christina Cha (S24) VS Eddie Fox (S26): Who was weaker?

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Both were finally placed 4th. Both seemed to be in danger since day 1. Both seemed to have no strategy at all.

Who was a weaker player in your eyes?

Why do you always make these? :lol:

Christina Cha because she was dragged around by Kim a lot. Eddie at least fended for himself at certain parts of the game.

Christina of course! Eddie is physically stronger than her at least.

I agree with Airlinesguy on this. I remembered me thinking she showed promise in the first eppy TC where she shut Alicia up, then that was the end of her moments for the whole season. o_O And strategically I think she is weaker too because she had more opportunities than Eddie to make a move, but she didn't, since she was in a dominating alliance while Eddie had been practically shunned every single time.

Challenge wise they both were not so great though. And everyone in the jury practically considered Christina a Sherri, maybe from the beginning, whereas Eddie's innocent-guy strategy at least made him quite a contender (more than Sherri/Christina) to win.

Christina?? Is there even a need for discussion?

Eddie clearly won everything he could, managed to form alliances early after the jury.

Christina was the definition of floater


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