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Most Underrated Survivors ever.

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If I could choose a few, it would be these:

Tyson: He was absolutely hysterical in Tocantins, and in HvV too. I love how the first thing we here about him is Erinn saying "Tall spiky hair blonde boy. Love him. He just seems like a good guy to have around" The next scene is Tyson explaining that Erinn is going to be the bitch of the season. Here's the rest of him being entertaining.

Dave Ball: He was robbed of screentime in Samoa because of Russell and Shambo. But he was quite a character. He had the potential of being a hilarious fan-favorite, he just wasn't shown.

Erik Cardona: If not for being blindsided, he could've been a big strategist. Also he had one of the top 3 jury speeches ever.

Brian Heidik: Perfection of the "Be a jerk and take a bigger jerk to the end with you" strategy.

Rob Cesternino: Original Survivor comedian. I just don't think he gets enough recognition. One of my all-time favorites.

How is Tyson bullying Sierra hilarious? I mean, he's a funny guy who doesn't treat everything seriously... but do you seriously think if it's you in Sierra's shoes you would be happy?

Tyson is an actually mean person. Like, he was the worst part of Tocantins.
Erinn, on the other hand, was amazing <3. She was on the outs since like day 5, and she got to final 3, and was seconds away from beating JT at an immunity challenge, which would have sent him home.

Other people
Abi- most people take her as an awful person, but she was great her last couple episodes, and survived a lot long than she should have
Brett- Had a very Brenda-esque edit (except brenda was better), won 3 challenges in a row, generally kicked butt

~Will edit more when I think of them~

I think the thing with Tyson, is that him being mean was just some sort of comic relief. Laughing at the stupidity of him is fun too. He may have been a bit mean, but the stuff he said was just pretty funny to watch. I agree that Erinn was good too about flying under the radar. And I forgot about Brett. Man, Russell really covered up a lot of great people from Samoa.

Sierra (Tocantins)
Brett (Samoa)
Charlie (Gabon)
Mike (Philippines)
Todd (China)
Becky (Cook Islands)
Rafe (Guatemala)
Lindsey (Africa)

*this is just an opinion.


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