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S26 Ep14 "Last Push"

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Yeah, i kinda figured that with the tree thing and all.

We are keeping rumored/actual bootlists in the bootlist thread. BUT the medevac itself is part of the promo, which means it isn't a spoiler anymore. WHO is medevac'd should stay in the BOOTLIST thread for now.

We can put spec in spoiler tags if y'all want. But fwiw, I would take spec for what it is...spec. NOT done deals. :tup:

Glamazon Racer:
I don't want Cochran, Sherri or Dawn to win anymore. That last tribal was downright ruthless and evil.

I can't believe I'm saying this... but I'm cheering for Eddie and Erik. :stare

Immunity Challenge Cochran for the win!!!!  Show all the muscle bound idiots a thing or two!!!

Wait.. Medical Emergency at the F5? That's even more heartbreaking than being blindsided and everything. The castaway is probably just 2 days away from the final tribal council! :'(


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