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Sprint Player of the Season (VOTE FOR BRENDA !!!)

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I'm starting this thread to rally for Brenda to win a $100,000 for her honest and really sincere game play on Survivor. We have seen how she has played the first time and the big difference she did to her game play this season. She was real for who she is and even though she didn't win, voting for her as the player of the season will give her so much more assurance and everyone else who wants to do good that... nice guys don't necessarily finish last.

Please, vote for Brenda!

And, if you want to vote for other Survivors, pretend you didn't see this thread and don't vote against Brenda. :lol3:

Go vote for Brenda!! Don't let Cochran win it! He most probably will get the million anyway!

I've been impressed by Brenda this season. I will go vote for her.

Vote hard for Brenda, all you people in the USA! People from other countries can't vote... :(

Used all 10 of my votes on her <3
(even though I kinda wanted to vote Laura as well)

Brenda <3


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