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Thanks to Peach, screencaps from CBS:

Leo and Jamal are waiting for this train:
D 407 from Warsaw Central to Vienna Westbahnhof, 20/2054-21/0632
And the latest they need to leave Gdansk to catch this is:
TLK 51116 from Gdansk to Warsaw Central, 20/1448-2006

It is possible to get off the train on the Czech/Austrian border at Hohenau to shave 15min off and arrive at a more central station, closer to the Palais Augarten:
TLK 51116 from Gdansk to Warsaw Central, 20/1448-2006
D 407 from Warsaw Central to Hohenau, 2054-21/0501
R 2307 from Hohenau to Vienna Praterstern, 0509-0613

Beating Leo/Jamal's train requires a departure from Gdansk at 5.50am (9 hours earlier!), but goes through Berlin and Munich and arrives only at 5.45am, less than an hour before Leo/Jamal's arrival. Miss Leo/Jamal's train, however, and you're looking at an arrival in Vienna at 6.24pm, a full 12 hours late. Not surprising if we get a full bunching.

Thanks to the episode we can figure out the trains they took. The first five teams went on:
 TLK57102  Gdańsk Główny -> Warszawa Centralna     10:15 - 16:44
 TLK407    Warszawa Centralna -> Wien Westbahnhof  20:54 - 06:32+1

The last two teams took
 TLK51116  Gdańsk Główny -> Warszawa Centralna     14:48 - 20:06
And in Warsaw they met up with the first teams.

All the teams actually got off one stop early, at Vienna Meidling. The train was scheduled to arrive at 6.19am.

We saw Nicky/Kim trying for this in the spoilers, but I guess that flight was full...
QR 96 from Vienna to Doha, 22/1555-2215
QR 120 from Doha to Abu Dhabi, 23/0235-0435

Leo/Jamal dodged a massive bullet! Here's the flight Travelocity offered:
AB 8137 from Vienna to Dusseldorf, 22/1915-2045 (actual 2040-2212)
AB 7460 from Dusseldorf to Abu Dhabi, 22/2130-23/0550
The first flight got delayed which would have left them stuck in Dusseldorf overnight.
The next best flight would have got them into Abu Dhabi at 7.05pm!
It was a non-elimination leg; what would the producers have done with a team 13 hours behind?

They smartly booked an earlier flight on a different airline to Dusseldorf:
VO 155 from Vienna to Dusseldorf, 22/1735-1910
AB 7460 from Dusseldorf to Abu Dhabi, 22/2130-23/0550

The other teams took these flights:
AB 8359 from Vienna to Berlin, 22/1505-1620
AB 7494 from Berlin to Abu Dhabi, 22/2250-23/0600

Wow...shades of Brad and Victoria!


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