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Have it figured out, assuming all teams took the same flight as was presented on the show:

The ferry was scheduled to arrive in Trondheim at 6.30am on 19 Jun. Have to assume that teams didn't arrange for flights that left Trondheim before this, even if the ferry ended up arriving a little early! It's 30min to the airport and 45min to check in before the flight, so teams wouldn't have booked anything leaving before 7.45am.

A photo of a team posing was posted at 2.08pm local time in Gdansk. Taking off 15min to exit the airport, 23min for the ride via Solidarity Square to the Golden Gate, and another 15min to walk to the Neptune Fountain and get dressed, the flight arrived no later than 1.15pm.

The only itineraries that fit this are routings via Oslo. There are multiple options for each leg, however, but our analysis precludes teams transferring via Copenhagen, meaning Wikipedia is more than likely wrong (shocker!):

SK 343 from Trondheim to Oslo, 0750-0845
DY 747 from Trondheim to Oslo, 0800-0855
SK 345 from Trondheim to Oslo, 0820-0915
DY 749 from Trondheim to Oslo, 0830-0925
DY 751 from Trondheim to Oslo, 0920-1015
SK 347 from Trondheim to Oslo, 0920-1015
DY 1052 from Oslo to Gdansk, 1100-1225
SK 4789 from Oslo to Gdansk, 1120-1250

If the ferry offices opened at 8:30 am and the teams departed at 8:30 pm, and arrived 34 hours later to get to the airport....then we have teams waiting from the evening of day 1 for 24 hours to embark on the ferry and by the time they get to the airport to book their flights, they've already been going on the leg for 60 hours; and add to that that one of the teams mention when they were self-driving to the Viking Longhouse that they had already been going for 30 hours; then by the time teams checked in with Phil, they had put in nearly 100 hours since the last pit stop rest period. If that isn't a record for TAR, it's pretty damn close.
The killer fatigue on the next leg should be horrendous.

Leg 4 started in Sintra/Lisbon on the night of 14 Jun and ended in the early morning of 17 Jun, and Leg 5 continued to the afternoon of 19 Jun.

Agreed on the really, really long leg, but I would have felt rejuvenated! An entire day (with a car still, if production let them keep it) to sightsee in Svolvaer, and two nights on a bed on the comfortable Hurtigruten ferry, where each cabin comes with its own private toilet and shower? Sure beats having to squeeze time out of a short Pit Stop, plus there's less interviews to do and more time to hang out with the other racers!

It does appear that the teams finished Leg 4 in the morning of June 17. The ferry possibly left at 8:30 pm. We are not really sure are we of this timetable? Neobie said some historical data. Nevertheless.......if accurate, then teams would have probably found some place to sleep all day. A hostel possibly. Left on the 34 hour ferry ride....and do what....stay awake all that time? They probably grouped up to get cheap rates for a cabin, like they have done before in TAR and slept their way to Trondheim.

So yes it was a long two legs in terms of calendar time.....but there was also plenty of time to sleep. None of the teams seemed all that exhausted in Gdansk. As Neobie has pointed out...the preferred hotels that TAR uses for pit stops are right by the pier. So it is possible that Production sequestered the teams in a hotel before flying to Vienna.

The Hurtigruten website isn't going to let you book a ride from its website, but if you go to "Sailing Schedule" it lets you search for Svolvaer departures in June 2013, and the M/S Lofoten does indeed leave that night at 8.30pm.

The arrival time can be found by trying to book a ferry for the summer of 2014 (spaces are actually quite tight, so production might have booked the tickets beforehand!), which reveals the arrival time in Trondheim to be 6.30am. (The boat later leaves port to continue south at 10.00am, according to the "Sailing Schedule".)


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