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--- Quote from: georgiapeach on October 15, 2013, 01:24:49 PM ---
--- Quote ---Corey S: Exactly how many hours were you guys behind?
Chester - 22 hours
and 33 minutes
Ephraim - That's a pretty good assessment. We were about a day
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If flights arrived from 7AM till 12PM, how could they be 22h behind if they arrived there inthe middle of the night? Only reasonable thing is they got in Lisbon at 5:32 AM the following day, which is quite improbable knowing their flight came from London, and those do not usually fly aduring the night.


--- Quote from: Neobie on June 19, 2013, 08:07:55 AM ---
Edit: Wow, there are so many ways to get between these airports I thought were small!

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All the connections. surprising, do make some sense. Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger are all ports that service the Norweigen North Sea oil fields. Gdansk is a world famous shipbuilding center. I would think that Norway has recruited a lot of shipbuilders/ironworkers from Poland to build/maintain all the offshore platforms in the North Sea. So airlines would want to have available seats for all these workers going back and forth.


--- Quote from: Neobie on June 19, 2013, 03:13:03 AM ---We've been assuming teams -flew- into Svolvaer, but here's an option that gives us a perfect sighting time for midnight the night of 16 Jun 2013:

TP 768 from Lisbon to Oslo. 0855-1355
(Flights via Copenhagen also possible)
SK 4116 from Oslo to Bodo, 1535-1705
SK 4122 from Oslo to Bodo, 1715-1840
DY 350 from Oslo to Bodo, 1750-1920
Ferry from Bodo to Svolvaer, 2030-2329

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Question, though, in light of the TBC. Teams checked in in the Lofoten on the early morning of the 17th, but do not leave Trondheim until the morning of the 19th? Did I get that right? That means they've got two whole days (with no Pit Stop in between) to travel down Norway?

The simplest way to get from the Lofoten to Trondheim would get them in a day ahead, arriving in Trondheim that evening and ready for flights to Poland on the 18th:
Ferry from Svolvaer to Bodo, 17/0630-1000
Train from Bodo to Trondheim, 1215-2205

Where did that extra day come from?

Maybe some kind of weather delay coud affect their departure time? is there a way to check this?

I checked the weather for Svolvaer, Bodo, Trondheim, Oslo and Gdansk for June 16th-18th on and saw nothing unusual. It rained in Trondheim on the 17th (0.20") and was breezy (up to 25 mph) and Oslo reported a thunderstorm on the 17th but neither one should have stopped air travel for very long.


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