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--- Quote from: Alenaveda on June 16, 2013, 03:04:27 PM ---Ok, this is the post on FB that Stylemikro found:

XXXXXXXXXX in The Amazing Race
8 hours ago.

Just seen them at Lisbon airport!

--- End quote ---

I calculate this to be 1:23 PM/1323 in Lisbon airport. Next sighting is in Svolvaer at midnight.

With Slowhatch's new ID of Henningsvaer from The Intro caps...

My GUESS would be that teams were in Svolvaer to get cars.

Flights from Santiago to Lisbon shown in the preview caps in Episode 3 thread:

TAM Airlines Flight 8029 from Santiago to Sao Paulo-Guarulhos, 0700 (6/14) - 1249 (6/14) (delayed 1:09 late)
TAP Portugal Flight 86 from Sao Paulo-Guarulhos to Lisbon, 1734 (6/14) - 0709 (6/15) (:09 on time)

And if one were stuck at Sao Paolo without tickets for the TP 86 direct to Lisbon, here are the next best options:

Via Sao Paolo to Lisbon: 1400-1510, 1705-0640 (arriving before the direct flight)
Via Madrid to Lisbon: 1510-0620 (delayed to arrive in Madrid 0803), 0735-0750 or 0950-1005
Via Salvador to Lisbon: 1515-1728, 2205-1020

Santiago to Lisbon flights

Jason/Amy, Nicole/Travis and Nicky/Kim via Sao Paulo
JJ8029, SCL-GRU, 0700-1249 (scheduled 0650-1140)
TP86, GRU-LIS, 1734-0709+1 (scheduled 1710-0700+1)
Note: Nicky/Kim originally booked TP88 flight to Lisbon that would arrive at 12:00 noon, and they changed their mind to get the earlier flight at 7:00 am.

Tim/Danny and Brandon/Adam via Buenos Aires and Madrid
H2501, SCL-EZE, 0730-1037 (scheduled 0730-1035)
IB6842, EZE-MAD, 1342-0636+1 (scheduled 1325-0620+1)
NI1011, MAD-LIS, 0950+1-0954+1 (scheduled 0950+1-1005+1)

Ally/Ashley and Leo/Jamal via Buenos Aires and London
LA455, SCL-EZE, 0830-1134 (scheduled 0830-1135)
BA244, EZE-LHR, 1309-0613+1 (scheduled 1300-0600+1)
TP353, LHR-LIS, 0837+1-1050+1 (scheduled 0815+1-1055+1)

Tim/Marie via Sao Paulo
JJ8029, SCL-GRU, 0700-1249 (scheduled 0650-1140)
TP88, GRU-LIS, 2301-1252+1 (scheduled 2225-1215+1)

Chester/Ephraim via different cities
H2505, SCL-EZE, 0230-0521 (scheduled 0230-0535)
UX42, EZE-MAD, 1740-? (scheduled 1210-0530+1) - originally booked, ticket counter purchased wrong airplane tickets to Madrid and itinerary got scrambled
IB6842, EZE-MAD, 1342-0636+1 (scheduled 1325-0620+1) - missed connection
JJ8019, EZE-GRU, 2032-2245 (scheduled 1720-2000) - booked, rerouted; but arrived almost three hours late
TP88, GRU-LIS, 2301-1252+1 (scheduled 2225-1215+1) - missed connection once again
BA246, GRU-LHR, 0334+1-1833+1 (scheduled 1615-0720+1) - found the better flight and rerouted, arrived 11 hours and 11 minutes late
TP367, LHR-LIS, 2128+1-2315+1 (scheduled 2035+1-2315+1)

Sunset in Lisbon on June 15th, 2013 was on 9:03 pm local time, Chester/Ephraim arrived approximately past 12:00 am on June 16th, Phil is at Lisbon Portela Airport along with production crew. Civil twilight ended in Lisbon on that date was 9:35 pm.

Editor's note: I now have changed the actual times of Tim/Danny and Brandon/Adam flights and see photos attached below, although they booked their flights to Lisbon and captioned on screen that their flight is showing via Madrid without mentioning of Buenos Aires. As for Chester/Ephraim, they were in international airspace and territory for 1 day and 16.5 hours between 2:35 am on June 14th (Santiago time) and ~12:00 am on June 16th (Lisbon time).


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