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Damn you are good!! :funny:

I was looking back at sightings and transportation thread. I didn't see this airport mentioned. Evenes/Halstad/Narvik International Airport (EVE). It is located 99 miles from Svolvaer, down the E10 highway, back toward Narvik. This airport has connections to Oslo and Bodo. Six r/t a day from Oslo to Evenes on 737s. Might not work for getting to Svolvaer, but sure looks like the way out.

I remember in TAR17, that TPTB had teams driving in this part of the world.

I haven't checked the flights to see if any would fit....I am not really sure of any times that teams were spotted in Norway anyway.

These are flight options on Sunday, June 16th from Oslo to Evenes. Evenes is 99 miles from Svolvaer on the same side of the fijord. Evenes even lists a flight to Narita. It is a regional airport for northern Norway. Notice that all flights are on 737 aircraft...not the small 40 passenger jets.

DY 360   8:55 AM  (8:51 AM)   10:35 AM  (10:19 AM)   73H   
SK 4086  11:30 AM  (11:37 AM)  1:05 PM  (1:06 PM)   738
DY 364   1:20 PM  (1:21 PM)  3:00 PM  (2:48PM)  73H 
SK 4094  3:50 PM (4:02 PM)     5:30 PM (5:30 PM)  738   
DY 366   5:55 PM (5:57 PM)  7:35 PM (7:28 PM) 73H   
SK 4098   8:20 PM (8:39 PM)     9:55 PM (10:12 PM)   738   
DY 368   10:15 PM (10:17 PM)     11:55 PM (11:54 PM)  73H

TP768 is the one direct flight from Lisbon to Oslo. This is actually a good escape flight for Phil, if he didn't fly the night before after the Pit Stop. Production could delay teams release from Lisbon Pit Stop, to insure they do not make this flight. There are multiple flights from Lisbon to all the rest of the main European connecting airports and then multiple flights from those airports to Oslo.
TP768  8:55 AM (9:31 AM)    1:55 PM  (1:55 PM)


I had thought that the midnight sighting in Svolvaer matched up pretty well with a flight to Bodo, then the ferry across to Svolvaer. The timings work out, not sure about this option through Evenes?

Well if Santiago is a NEL as some have speculated, then that means 9 teams going to Lofoten area. That is 36 people, not counting associated production. To me, sort of rules out the 37 passenger jets for the Oslo to Bodo journey.

Oslo to Evenes
SK 4098   8:20 PM (8:39 PM)     9:55 PM (10:12 PM)   738 (100+ passenger jet)

This flight provides time for the ~2 hour drive from Evenes airport to Svolvaer with arrival at about midnight. That is if they are driving. I haven't found any evidence of a late night bus service. They did drive in this part of the world in TAR 17. Midnight sun means no night driving in the fjords either.  Anyway.....have no idea if this happened......just another alternative.


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