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Chateau d If:

--- Quote from: georgiapeach on July 02, 2013, 07:11:53 PM ---And it is letting me book so maybe not us? ???

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There was another float plane service.  Also, they may be all done with flying by now.

Here are the transportation flight schedules between Tokyo to Juneau (July 2nd):

DL156 from Tokyo-Narita to Seattle, 1524-0812 (scheduled 1530-0815)
AS75 from Seattle to Juneau, 1121-1239 (scheduled 1120-1250)

Edited right per live sightings thread.

No claude, it is Delta 156 from NRT to SEA. :tup:,28799.msg894659.html#msg894659


The distance shown (less than 1 hour driving time) explained why the racers appeared at LAX early in the morning  ;)

And the entry vehicles will be...what else? stagecoaches.  :)


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