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I don't think they coming here, but just in case:

AA931 BUENOS AIRES    11:55P 06-09-13    9:45AM 06-10-13

Flights leaving MIA tonight flight is delayed it wont arrive till 10:26 pm tonight

American Airlines 144 to Dulles

I am not very good at this but here goes
From Miama
Caribbean Nassau 8:40Pm or 9:05
Lima Peru 11:55PM or 1:00AM
London 8:45PM or 9 or 9:25
Sao Paula Brazil 8:35PM or 9 or 10:15
Also 3 to Buenos Aires, 2 to Caracas, 3 to Santiago, 2 to Rio de Janero

Lots of European flights leaving out of Dulles tonight


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