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So has anyone figured out which teams these are.

The only one I "think" I recognize is the Doctors.

If we go by shirt colors the one on the left is probably Amy (light blue)  the two on the right are Nicole&Travis (similar hight, dark blue)

But to be honest, this pic always looked strange to me, at the moment they never look like our racers to me... and I'm still not sure about it...

Here is a pic of Nicole in Santiago.......different coat and don't think the Doctors are in that photo in Svolvaer......but possibly looks like Amy Diaz is there.

Candi Lee:

--- Quote from: Candi Lee on July 22, 2013, 10:56:29 PM ---A few photos here, Amazing Race in NRT   :plane:   :girly

--- End quote ---
More photos added ...


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