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Pictures from Yas Marina Circuit and the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi. Not much spoiler material, but we might be able to match it to vidcaps when the time comes.

Wonderful Neobie!! Thank you!

This came up in a casual conversation with someone tangentially related to production, and he/she offered two locations: the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Since the Mosque came up in the opening sequence, there's a chance we'll see the Emirates Palace too?

Jahili Fort means they are going to al-Ain, a city on the border with Oman. (It's still within Abu Dhabi Emirate, similar to Niagara being in New York State but away from New York City.) Famous for its desert and camel market (which was recently relocated to a very modern complex behind a shopping mall). If they don't return to Abu Dhabi city that same leg, the Pit Stop should be easy to predict: either the fort or somewhere in the desert.

And WOOT I scooped Sintra!

Some info is just too much to share right away. Thanks to our on the ground team we have the EP 1 PitStop arrival order, but thought we should wait to share till later. Password after the show, check back to see how well we did!

To decrypt following message use

Pretty close! Password: TAR23 EP1 PitStop Bootlist orderxxx


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