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Candi Lee:
A few photos here, Amazing Race in NRT   :plane:   :girly

Chateau d If:

--- Quote from: Candi Lee on July 22, 2013, 10:56:29 PM ---A few photos here, Amazing Race in NRT   :plane:   :girly

--- End quote ---

In case it hasn't been said yet, Boston's backpacks are in this shot:

Had a 10-hour layover in Dubai and decided to spend 8 of those hours in buses to, from, and around Abu Dhabi to scope out the legs there... Didn't actually end up with too much time to work with, and only managed to check out two locations, but they were promising ones!

Yas Marina Circuit is a confirmed location. All the staff were professional and extremely tight-lipped, but sometimes you can tell the difference between a genuine "I don't know about any television filming" and a lie. And some people don't lie very well. ;)

Teams were racing the Radical SST, which usually costs a cool AED1200 (US$326) to drive. The vehicle has two seats, with one reserved for a coach, so we can be pretty sure it's a Roadblock (or a Fast Forward exactly like TAR 15?) for one of the legs.

The Heritage Village has great views of the Abu Dhabi skyline and is close to two of TPTB's favourite hotel chains (the Hilton and the Intercontinental), making it a likely site for a visit. Didn't get anything out of the staff there, but one security officer at the gate was so intensely sure he didn't know anything that I suspect something is up. I'm guessing Pit Stop.

Another location that would make a good second Pit Stop is the Liwa Oasis outside of town. I didn't have the time to visit, but it seems like exactly the kind of place production would choose in an attraction-starved town like Abu Dhabi. This is entirely speculation (albeit an intelligent guess), but mark my words!

Photos when I get home. Got a flight to catch!

Global correspondent, Neobie, reporting from the Dubai, UAE Dubai, the UAE.

Love you Neobie! That's awesome TAR Detecting skills! :cheer:


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