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Just talked to a friend who had a friend on the flight from Seattle to Juneau.  They were sitting next to a male/female pair and the female was a blonde with red tips.. The friend asked them if they were visiting someone in Juneau.  They said they were shooting a commercial here.  When the friend asked them what the commercial was about, they said they weren't sure and they would be told when they landed.   The friend thought that was a little odd. 

Then they asked, if she knew where they could find the "Lady in the Red Hat at the airport".  She did not know.  I don't know about the "Lady in the Red Hat" but I am going to the Airport tonight to find out!!

Whee! You have the best friends! My could be ....a real Lady in a Red Hat?! :lol: 

Thank you so much for sharing!

And when you can, please check your messages! :)

I have more Friends at the airport too!!  :yess:   Juneau is a small town and if your here long enough, you'll know everyone!!  :cheer:

I found something! I found something!

Justing pointing out that last season there was a woman in a red hat (who I believe was from production) that handed a clue out to teams at the airport in DC. Probably the same situation here.


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