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Wow that is a huge picture  :o

is that people rappelling down the building..?

when was this taken..?

Did the teams seriously hop out of a cowboy western trolley? :lol:

In the meet the teams video, you could see Ally or Ashley exiting a cartoon train of some sort behind the NFL players' run.

So, I'm watching Intentional Talk on the MLB Network.  They're talking about Getz & DeJesus's wives.  In the sidebar of the screen, it says "logged 35,000 miles traveling over a month this summer".  Could this mean they're in the final 3?

I think it just means that the race went 35000 miles.

I just realised that in the press release it talks about Formula One Racing in Abu Dhabi. I think that will be a switchback to Season 15 with the Fast Forward in Dubai.


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