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--- Quote from: ZouLy on August 28, 2013, 10:16:41 AM ---
any hints on the Starting Line..?!?

Cowboy theme park..?!?!

--- End quote ---

the answer is Santa Clarita Melody Ranch (studio)  :hoot:


yeah, just barely read that seconds after I posted... thanks Boingo!!


How were teams spotted in LAX if San Jose is so much closer to San Francisco and Oakland Int'l Airport? :ascared Either they arrive at LAX on the same flight or the route makers stupidly made them drive through the Modesto-Bakersfield area inti Los Angeles.

Anyways, glad they finally chose the Bay Area as a starting line location.

Finally could fetch the link after several attempts, Boingo. Thanks! Northwest LA it is!

It isnt near San Fran, it is about an hour from LAX. Recheck the Google map....,-118.512068&spn=0.000675,0.000862&sll=34.38055,-118.510342&sspn=0.002699,0.003449&t=h&deg=180&z=20

Since they're going to Abu Dhabi for this season, hopefully they'll go to this place: Capital Gate [aka The Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi]



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