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Chateau d If:
YouTube of the Zipline!;hl

Chateau d If:
Where is Hoonah?


Candi Lee:
Amazing Race films in Juneau
Juneau will be featured on the CBS reality TV game show Amazing Race.

Nancy Woizeschke , president and CEO of the Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau, says the participants and a production crew were here Tuesday.

She says they confirmed talk they heard through the grapevine that the three final teams and a production crew were filming what they believe to be this season's finale.

She says they're told they went home Wednesday morning.

Woizeschke says they were surprised since they weren't contacted for assistance.

But she glad glad Juneau was their choice. Woizeschke says getting the word out about Juneau only helps.

Chateau d If:
Now that we've got some more location info from IinAlaska !!!

Here's a map. 

The red is the taxi from the airport to the Douglas Island boat harbor:   10 miles

The purple is the Jet Boat trip to the Taku River (Taku River Lodge? or Grizzly Bar?)  access to two great glaciers for an ice field task.

The blue is Float Plane from Taku River to Hoonah for the zipline ride.

I marked the spot where this shot was taken:

The Grizzly Bar would be a good choice with the Norris Glacier right behind it.  The Grizzly Bar is a large sand bar also know as the Grizzly flats.  The boats would be able to put racers ashore here and then they would have access to the Norris Glacier.  I know they have dog sled tours on the Norris glacier.    I talked to a person who just returned from the river and he said the Grizzly Bar was completely under water on Thursday.  The Taku River is at flood stage today.  It began to rise on Tuesday afternoon about the time our racers were heading up the river.  Should be some interesting shoots! 


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