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--- Quote from: J3nn on August 20, 2013, 11:37:51 PM ---Team Blue/Boston - the girl looks a lot like Miss Massachusetts Amanda Narciso.

--- End quote ---

 :hiya J3nn, and  :bigwelcome to the R.F.F.!

The team Boston is Amy Diaz & Jason Case. Check here:,28795.msg898215.html#msg898215

We still need to identify one team, so your help will be appreciate.  :)

I'm currently thinking tattooist or possibly even lawyer. Abba from TAR21 was a music manager, not part of a band. The "Longhair Don't Care 2" could easily reside in California since they look like a 90% recruited team. They don't look as regular people like cousins, brothers, or boyfriends to me...

Does anyone know when the TAR23 cast will be released? I heard it was 20 days before the premiere date.

Survivor cast reveal was today, TAR will most likely be next week. :hearts:

I wonder if the long hairs are miners. Lots of Alaskan guys have beards, but not hair that long.
Maybe California miners. Gems or gold. Just a thought.

Can I ask out of curiosity when was the last time a time was not identified?


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