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Won't be that long. Cast reveal will prob be in the next couple of weeks.

More clues in the Longhairs photos. I still can't figure it out.
Looking closely at the orange hat - it appears mostly dirty at the back and there appears to be an outline of something (maybe ear protection?) that is worn over the hat that stops certain areas of the hat from getting dirty. I've tried to outline it in the photos.

So what dirty occupation do you wear ear protection? Most of the dirt comes from behind you? You can wear an orange baseball cap?
Airport ground crew?


Do anyone know what's written in the orange cap's t-shirt? That could help a lot...

I thought it said Orlogin on the t-shirt, but could it possibly be Oregon?

Chateau d If:
I have a shot of a fairly unique logo on the back pocket of the jeans on one of our hairy guys.

Who can recognize this logo?  ???


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