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Working on the "longhairs". Hopefully some of this info will help others...

* The one with the orange hat is married - or at least wears a wedding band - the other does not.
* They both wear wrist wraps - orange cap has his on his right arm - the other one on his left arm. Right handed vs left handed?
* The orange cap has a symmetrical tattoo on his back. Orange cap's tattoo looks like it has a spiral shell on both sides and a "medallion" on the shoulders.
* Neither racer has tattoos on their arms.
* They both have skinny arms.Tattoo...

I do not have any additional info on the longhair team but I think that they may be a father and son team.

If you look at the one with the orange hat it looks like there could be some gray in his beard and possibly some wrinkles around his eyes, suggesting that he might be about 45 years old. The other one looks younger to me and could be early or mid 20's.

Also Walkingpneumonia pointed out above that the orange hat one wears a wedding band. To me this is further evidence that they might be a father and son.

Maybe someone can repost the pics and see what they think?

Now that were looking at it that way, their probably from the backwoods.

This is our last team... let's all brainstorm together on this? We prob have only a couple of weeks max!!

We should still have a month left to find this team. The most standout-ish team of the season have proved hardest to find this time round  :tantrum


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