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SteKay,  :hello2: and :wel2 to RFF! :)

Welcome to RFF, SteKay!


Thanks for passing along your thoughts about Orlogin. I can't find a good shot of the teams shirts to see what I think it says. I tried hunting down some pictures of Orlogin and didn't find much. There were references that made it sound like Orlogin is just one person, but that doesn't rule out it being Orlogin and a friend. He doesn't appear to use images of himself on his Facebook page or in the videos I briefly looked at, just one very shadowy picture of himself in a hoodie where you can only see the lower half of his face. He has a mustache and may have some form of short beard, but doesn't appear to have a long beard. I'd share the pictures I found on Facebook, but we're not supposed to do that. After looking it over, I don't think that either of the Rockers is Orlogin. They could be fans of him though.

Thanks all :)
Just a thought, but looking back I think the word on his shirt is 8 letters.
The most obviously striking team has been the hardest to find >.< They seem to be the most stand out team since Kent/Vyxsin!
Have you looked down a possible gamers route for these guys yet?

*Lightswitch* Could they be tattooists?


--- Quote from: SteKay on July 19, 2013, 06:08:24 AM ---Hi guys, I'm new here but I'm such a huge fan from Ireland and have been following your feeds closely lol!
I don't know if this info is of any use but I think the shirt one of the long hairs is wearing says "Orlogin" so I googled that and it led me to some music on youtube be a band named orlogin. The music seems sort of dark but kind of matches their look?
Hope this might help a little!

--- End quote ---

Thanks SteKay and :welcome: to RFF!

 :ty3: Peach and others! :cheer:
Hope to help with finding cast members in the next seasons!
Cast looks great this year. Any further thoughts on the rockers being tattooists or is that a dead end?


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