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Good thought, but La'Roi Glover ( has retweeted a couple of items in the past few days. It's probably not him unless someone is using his twitter account while he's gone.

I'll look when I get home from work, but those guys are 100% defensive players. Probably on last years team. If they were still playing, they probably would have practices to report to near the end of filming. Just my two cents. That's how I found Trey last summer.

Mug Costanza:
I'm TERRIBLE at face-recognition when it comes to identifying the racers, but what about Jordan Thomas for the guy in the gray Aztecs shirt?

I'm probably wrong, but you never know. :lol:

Could be, but his face doesn't seem chubby or round enough. That could also just be the angle the photo was taken.

I was in LAX on Sunday and the TAR 23 cast and crew were there. Here are some photos.


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