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--- Quote from: Neobie on May 16, 2013, 08:27:51 PM ---Thanks for the recap and photos guys!

After hearing a few testimonies from the racers, why does Bertram seem like such an unpleasant person to be near?

--- End quote ---

Whoah. Really? When did they say that?  :o

Mister RC:
Unless BVM has changed over the years or is something completely different, I hardly think he's unpleasant.  That's JMO; he, along with Elise & Phil used to show up at past TARcons several times.  Can't really find many nicer people than Bert & Elise.  In conclusion, while the more recent racers might have had issues with those two, IMO, it's just then being bold and tough.  I don't think they're out to destroy the racers or their character.  It's a shame they're resorting to negativity (esp since a lot of people on my end won't tolerate that), but whatever helps TAR succeed (and win emmys) is fair enough to me.

Anyway, back to TARcon22.  Pretty late to the party, but great recap from MamaT.  I was too busy catching up on some people that I haven't seen in ages, and then before you knew it, everything was over.  You really can't complete your "rounds" at TARcon alone, so I'm glad that the racers and fans got together the night & afternoon preceding the main event.

Well, I'm already looking forward to 23 and 24 next year, but what a party to close out such a great season!


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