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Jai Ho:
Tomorrow is TAR-morrow! Are you ready?

Fun Couples: The M/F teams

First at bat:

Talia and Koby

Current nickname: TaKo

The scoop: This clever twosome are newlyweds from Givatayim. Koby is an electrical engineer. Talia has degrees from the University of Chicago, Columbia University, and Kings College London. She also has 2 mutual Facebook friends with me. I'm getting a strong vibe from these two.

On the race: I think they're in it to win it. Smart, in shape, and have travel experience.

Lior and More

Current Nickname: LiMore

The scoop: They are a married couple from Eilat, on the southern tip of Israel.  They have been married almost exactly five years - their anniversary is May 28. These parents of two run a tire shop.

On the race: They are a little older, but not much (28 and 33), but their profile doesn't reveal that much. I don't know what to make of them, but they seem sorta fun.

Shimi and Yasmin

Current Nickname: ShiMin, The Lovers

The scoop: Probably the best looking team this season, looks-wise. Though they could be models, they are not. He's in the restaurant business, she's originally from Ukraine and is in IT. They live in Tel Aviv with Shimi's mother...we might see another Tom-like mama's boy, but for now, hopes are high. They seem SO IN LOVE...will we watch them self-destruct!

On the race: As long as they pick it up and don't rest on their laurels, I think they'll do just fine for themselves.

Liran and Ronit

Current nickname: LiRonit

The scoop: They are besties from Afula. Liran (the boy) is a lawyer originally from Netanya and a bit over-the-top, but in a good way. Ronit (the girl) is originally from Naharia, works in logistics, and apparently has 50,000 Facebook fans. She must be a big deal.

On the race: They seem like the type to prance around and lose focus. I see them being more in it for fame and fun rather than going far and winning. I wouldn't put all my eggs in their basket.

Andrea and Ronney

Current Nickname: Rondrea, Oldsters, Overalls

The scoop: Grandparents who met later in life, a "second chance romance." They live in Jerusalem (J-Town represent!!!) They're the oldest team by far, but what makes them fascinating is their background: neither is a native Israeli! Andrea, who works with disabled children and has a gig at a bridal shop, comes from Oceanside, NY, USA and holds a degree from Emerson College. Ronney is from Johannesburg, South Africa. I do not know what he does, retired perhaps. Their anniversary is also soon (2 years on May 22). I usually find older teams meh but I really, really like these two.

On the race: On paper, they're unstoppable. They have already experienced different kinds of relationships, so they know where they are in life. They're a little long in the tooth but not down for the count. They probably speak WAY better English than anyone on this whole season (or past seasons, TOM AND ADELE), host included, which could really benefit them in, well...most of the world outside Israel. In this situation, however, their competitors seem to be looking to go the distance and these two just might get left in the dust if they can't keep up. They also have silly fashion choices, opting for overalls which I like, but we know that oddly-attired teams can be the butt of jokes and stick out like sore thumbs. I hope they go far and prove that age is not a number.

Okay...late for dinner here and I still need to shower (still sitting in my sweaty cap, gown, and master's hood as I type! hashtag commitment) but I got through all the teams. YAY.

One day more...who's going to be the first out? Who's going to win? Who's going to annoy the hell out of us?

Maxine Rama:
Omw the female teams sound fierce, especially bickering sisters and mother/daughter.

Thank you SO much!! Looks like fun!

Is there a cast list with the pics somewhere? I could try to add the pics in if I was sure who was who! :lol:

Jai Ho:

--- Quote from: georgiapeach on May 11, 2013, 10:37:52 AM ---Is there a cast list with the pics somewhere? I could try to add the pics in if I was sure who was who! :lol:

--- End quote ---

georgiapeach - go to Someone has kindly uploaded pictures there, albeit using my ****ty initial English translations of the team names. The team names are CORRECT in this thread, according to how the contestants themselves spell their own names on Facebook.


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